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Hi! I'm Axylh! Artist, sketcher, grafic designer, cosplayer Italian girl ~✰
Welcome to my ART blog, where you can find my arts, drawings, linearts, sketches, doodles ecc&ecc... ~enjoy it ❤
which is your favourite food?

Condensed milk


{true story}

idk. feelings?

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Point One Percenter Sparks

{Incoming: Overlord}
xOptimus  xUltra magnus



Hello, I’m Axylh and I love so much robots that this is what I though today when I was inside a MRI, because of the sounds.

I’m 23626% done with my own brain.


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…I’m not at my home, I’m sick, and I have nothing but my tablet and my drawings.
Maybe, I should accept some request…?

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Yhay, it happens!

I’m not dead, I’m only sick.
It’s not something serious, but it will take me some time to feel good again… thanks for following me anyway guys~



where did that come from

I do this almost every night

I really enjoyed your panel comic with how tony and notepad met.. would it be alright with you if I made a youtube video with it and credited you?

Go ahead sweety, it’s ok!! ≧◕◡◕✿≦
Link to me when you’ve done so I can reblog it ♥
Thank youuu♥

Hey thank you so much for drawing a humanformer Chromedome! He's my favorite autobot and I'm so happy to see someone drew him so nice. It really looks great and so amazing! I was wondering if you allow people to cosplay your designs because I would love to cosplay this.

Sure you can do it, I’m glad that it likes you so much ;v;
Don’t forget to show me when you’re done,  I’m curious to see you and I’ll happy to reblog! And good luck with the cosplay ❤
Thaaaanks ♡

I can’t able to find some holomatter, holoform, human!Chromedome.
So, I have to draw him by my own. There.

I admit that I enjoyed to draw he so much that I’d like do more sketches of him in the future.

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We love the Art.
We love the Time.
We love to fuck up your mind,
with madness
…and blood.

{Full ♪⌚♪}

Robot medics sketch practice~
Pharma seems so upset poor baby no it’s all ok don’t be sad
-and Ambulon’s smile will haunt me tonight.

I should be in bed.


Based on this post~

{I’m… starting to think a cross…}

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Thank you soooo much! ☺️💕