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I can’t able to find some holomatter, holoform, human!Chromedome.
So, I have to draw him by my own. There.

I admit that I enjoyed to draw he so much that I’d like do more sketches of him in the future.

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We love the Art.
We love the Time.
We love to fuck up your mind,
with madness
…and blood.

{Full ♪⌚♪}

Robot medics sketch practice~
Pharma seems so upset poor baby no it’s all ok don’t be sad
-and Ambulon’s smile will haunt me tonight.

I should be in bed.


Based on this post~

{I’m… starting to think a cross…}

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Thank you soooo much! ☺️💕

Ups. I’d forgot about this

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Shitty sketch of every time I want to draw something.
This moment included.

(Fonte: axylhart)

Your cosplay is amazing, im jelly, :3


Ok guys, don’t panic, I’m not dead.
I’ve simply started working, so my time it’s very limited.
I’ve already announced my hiatus on DeviantArt some days ago, and now it’s time to make it here: guys, here it comes a hiatus.
Just a bit of time to settle my hours and stuff, and restart all my…

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3.00am~ Verity Carlo.

Si, italiana e mia ewe <3

Ma tu guarda chi spunta fuori dai miei quadranti~ ♤

Oddio ma. Sei italiana????

Si stellina xD dalle parti di venezia xD
Piacere ele~ ♡

Point One Percenter Sparks
~Ultra Magnus

{Incoming: Megatron/Overlord}

La fef non si tocca. uu